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As we all know amazon is an E commerce and cloud computing related company, by which you can do online shopping and do purchasing, this make help you many ways because by amazon you can save your time by doing an online shopping but sometimes we face many problems and for this we need customer care support and in this is an eight largest employer in the United State of America and by this we can understand that how much company love their employees and how customer satisfaction matter for them, so my friends for this you can easily dial Amazon Customer Support Number 1800 3000 9009, by making a call on this number you can solve your problems.

Amazon Customer Service Number,Amazon Customer Support - Number, Email, Live Chat

Amazon Customer Service Number

As we all know customer service number matter in many ways and this company has desire that they want to fulfill all needs of the customer, and provide them complete satisfaction to them and for this they can help to customer individually because by customer service number you can easily talk to customer executive and our customer executive are available 24*7 and for this you need to dial 1-866-216-1072 by this number you can talk our customer executive. But before that whenever call you to get some option which you need to follow, and don’t worry about that because here we explain all steps which you need to and they are:

Step 1 you need to press 1 for kindle question, after pressing 1 they can connect you to customer care executive within a short period of time.

Step 2 if you want to make changes in your order and want to update your account then you need to press 2.

Step 3 if you want to know about the delivery of your item, then they assist you as soon as possible, and for this, you need to ready your order number.

Amazon Customer Support – Number, Email, Live Chat

Amazon Contact Us, Amazon Technical Support



As I already told you about Amazon and how customer is so much important for Amazon and they always try to provide best service to the customer and for this make lots department in company and for this they provide number to customer, email and even live chats, by which customer can easily solve their problems and solve their queries and for this they also provide some online support link which helps you a lot to solve your many quarries and  this is the link Amazon Support by which you can easily solve your quarries.

Basically, this link is designed by Amazon which helps you a number of ways, and by this, you can also do an Amazon chat and easily solve your quarries, now I try to tell you some steps that how can easily solve your problems in many ways:

You need to click the link and the new window will open on your screen, which is design by our company in very easy steps for your support.

After opening a window where you see lots of option on your screen, then don’t need to panic, and don’t open an option.

After that, you need to click on login option that which is shown on your screen and then you can easily excess, but if you don’t have an account so then need to click signup option and create an Amazon account and this is free of cost.

Now, you can easily exceed the account and also make shopping by this account.

Amazon Customer Service Email

For this you need to open an account which helps you in many ways (account open process tell you before) because after open this you see an option for live chat and also on dashboard you easily get helpline number if you are not able to see that don’t worry here I tell you Amazon Helpline number- 888-280-3321

This works 24*7 whenever you want to make the call you can easily make the call on this number. The average timing for responding on this number is only 3 minutes.


Amazon Technical Support

We all want to enjoy your purchase, and use full feature of this, to troubleshoot our technician only helps you on helps you with latest authorized manufacture tools and troubleshoot issues. Sometime troubleshoot didn’t work then in-home service is also available; we will also schedule this process according to your schedule by an authorized technician. Then you can work with the third party repair service. You can also reach the technical department by providing us your order number because the order number helps to a technician to review the order and helps them in getting the exact order.  If you purchase a product as a gift then you are also authorized to use technical support and contact us.

Amazon Contact Us

You can easily contact us and for this there are many options, which design by Amazon company and there is discussion option which helps you in many ways that if you are facing any trouble and if you have any advice for company then there you also give that, and then company also solve your quarries in many ways. By discussion link  Amazon Discussion Forum you can do this process also and we try to solve your all problems.

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